Hamilton factory is a company exposing and promoting art and design.

The philosophy behind Hamilton factory is to promote young or relatively unknown artists and designers via expositions and art galleries.

Hamilton factory will also introduce well-established artists and designers to markets where they are not yet known.

This is principally bi-directional between France and Sweden, two countries who throughout history have had many connections but because of language barriers and cultural differences are not always the first export markets for art and design.

My name is Gustaf Hamilton and even though my name (and my accent when speaking French) might sound English I was actually born in Stockholm Sweden. I left Sweden to study for a couple of years and never made it back.

Started working in Paris to move on to Cambridge UK and then to Gent in Belgium.

I am now back in France since many years and I share the time between Paris and the countryside both that are places I love and call home.

This web site shows one of my many interests, art and design, which has also become something I work with.

Having no ambition to call myself an art critic I work with artists and designers I like and admire.